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Vibrant Health As Resistance


I view transitioning to a vegan lifestyle as an act of resistance. I believe that vibrant health is a right and that it is not just an individual matter. Marginalized folx experience daily discrimination and oppression that impacts physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Institutionalized and systemic oppressions including poverty, racial violence, ableism, homophobia and transphobia impact health at the cellular, energetic, and psychological level. While recognizing systemic impact on health, I am also interested in empowering folx to reclaim their health and look at what IS in their control.

Through information, motivation, and empathic support we will work together to move closer to the vibrant health that is your birthright! This style of coaching is inherently political as we work together to resist institutionalized health disparities.


As a vegan health coach, I also take into consideration how the systems of oppression that impact human animals are the very same systems that perpetuate the oppression of non-human animals. This is not to equate human and animal suffering, but to highlight that the system that supports animal suffering is the same system that reinforces oppression and discrimination of marginalized populations. It's the system that we are resisting. 


Just to be clear, I am a Health at Every Size practitioner and believe that fat phobia is oppressive. As a Liberation Coach, I am interested in disrupting and dismantling the link between body size and health.

Vegan transitioning and health coaching can be included as a part of your Liberation Coaching program. 

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