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Micah Saniyah, LMSW(xe/them/theirs)

Licensed Master Social Worker

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II Practitioner

Sacred Ceremony Facilitation and Ritualist

About Micah

Micah (xe/them/their) earned their Master’s Degree in Social Work and graduate certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies from Eastern Michigan University in 2016. Xe is passionate about working with LGBTQIA+ clients, as well as individuals exploring issues related to self-worth, perfectionism, ADHD, trauma, depression, anxiety, whiteness and white-body supremacy. Xe is also a polyamory and kink-aware therapist. Micah sees therapy as a collaborative journey in which their role is to serve as a witness to clients’ life experiences and a partner in working toward their goals. Xe is particularly skilled at engaging with clients in a warm, non-judgmental manner and creating a space where they feel heard and validated. Micah enjoys integrating mindfulness and self-compassion practices, as well as journaling and other forms of creative expression, into the therapeutic process.

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